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    When dealing with issues like poor eyesight and common problems associated with defective vision, following safe and beneficial natural treatments consisting of home remedies to improve Eyesight is a good idea. Signs of Eyesight problems include symptoms like blurred vision, black spots, mild headache, far sightedness, near sightedness, night blindness, color blindness, sensitivity to light, watering in eyes etc.

    As certain vision related problems are associated with age, genetic predisposition or indirectly with other diseases like migraine, stroke, brain tumor, diabetes, they can not be cured completely with mild natural cures. Nonetheless, home treatments for Eyesight improvement can prove beneficial in reducing common Eyesight problems through diet and natural remedies.

    Natural Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

    • Carrot juice, blueberry juice, beet juice, spinach juice, aloe vera juice are considered as valuable natural home remedies to improve Eyesight. You can also mix honey in any of these juices.

    In addition, intake of a combination of natural juice such as three parts of carrot juice and one part of beet juice with or without a teaspoon of parsley juice also works as an effective home treatment to improve Eyesight naturally.

    • Regular consumption of a mixture of juices extracted from three carrots, one beet and a cucumber is useful in healing Eyesight problems. Intake of Indian gooseberry juice mixed with some honey is particularly helpful when dealing with nearsightedness and cataract.

    • Use a couple of drops of certain juices like coriander juice, turmeric juice etc as eye drops to improve Eyesight in a natural way. You can also consume half a glass of coriander juice on a regular basis to get rid of Eyesight problems.

    • Application of rose water as eye drops is one of the most popular natural home remedies to improve Eyesight. It has a cooling and soothing effect and hence relieves strain in eyes. Follow this simple therapy by using two drops of rose water in eye, two times in a day.

    • Regularly walking barefooted on fresh and wet green grass early in the morning for half an hour is considered helpful in improving Eyesight. Besides, focusing on the flame of a candle from a distance of about 3-4 feet is another valuable tip to improve Eyesight naturally.

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