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    Cervical exercises are nothing new or complicated, but they are very necessary and important as they help improve back muscle tone, improve blood flow to the brain, and help prevent premature muscle weakness of the neck, and these exercises can help to tone the double chin, reducing its appearance. The following exercises to treat cervical pain are excellent since they can be done at any free time and being in our own home.

    Emotional stress causes neck pain

    Emotional stress is the main cause of neck tension. Most of us keep our emotional stress on our neck and shoulders. It is important to learn to identify when you are stressed and keep the tension there. Then do the following tension reduction exercise (which is also effective in relieving tension headaches).


    Exercise to relax the neck

    Take a slow, deep breath for 60 seconds, take 5-10 seconds to inhale, 5-10 seconds to hold, and 5-10 seconds to exhale. With each inhale, visualize the relaxation going into the area of ​​tension, and with each exhale, the tension goes away.

    Exercises to treat cervical pain and strengthen the neck

    The movements described in the following neck pain exercises are carried out smoothly and in a calm rhythm. In no case should you make sudden movements, especially the elderly or people with scoliosis or impingement problems, in the case of cervical or spinal problems, it is always advisable to consult with a specialist before performing any routine or exercise on your own.

    Cervical pain from pinching the neck

    What if your doctor determines that your neck pain is coming from a pinched nerve in your neck? There are some stretching exercises that will help. (Clarify this with your doctor first.)

    Cervical flexion and extension stretch

    While sitting upright, pull your chin toward the head of your chest and look down carefully. You have your shoulders back. Hold the stretch for 3-5 seconds. Gently return your head to the starting position. Then gently bend your head back, stretching as far as possible. Look up. Hold for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the entire exercise 3 to 5 times.


    What if your doctor determines that your neck pain is from arthritis in the neck joints? There are stretching exercises that will help this as well. Arthritis responds well to stretching because stretching reduces tension and warms the muscles and tendons. Stretching is recommended by the American Arthritis Foundation. However, arthritis patients must rest on the joints during attacks. Stretching could further inflame the joints on those days. (Be sure to also clarify this exercise with your doctor first.)

    Neck roll (for arthritis or pinched nerve)

    Roll your shoulders and gently and slowly turn your head from the front side to the back once or twice. Change directions and gently turn your head to the other side. Repeat 3 to 5 times.


    Cervical rotation

    When doing this exercise, do not lift your shoulders. Stand erect. Turn your head to the right as much as possible, trying to bring your chin on your right shoulder. Look behind you and hold the stretch for 3 to 5 seconds. Then do this on the left side. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

    These are just a few specific stretches for certain ailments. Other neck stretches are also helpful. Any stretch should be slow, smooth, and flowing, without bouncing. The neck lift should be done every day, and most should be done several times a day. Neck stretches preserve or expand the range of motion in the cervical joints and can relieve stiffness and pain.

    The following are also excellent exercises to treat neck pain and strengthen the neck. All exercises must be performed standing up with legs apart (or sitting in a chair), to improve posture and avoid possible bad movements.

    Exercise 1

    Tilt your head forward (your chin should touch your chest) and back (pulling your head back as far as possible) each movement should be maintained for 5 seconds and then rest for another 5 seconds.

    Exercise 2

    Tilt your head to the right looking straight ahead for 5 seconds, now slowly to your left another 5 seconds and return to the starting position to rest another 5 seconds.

    Exercise 3

    Turn your head to the right as if you wanted to look towards your shoulder, and return to the starting position, now we turn it to the left in the same way we stay there for about 5 seconds and we look forward again and rest.

    Exercise 4

    Make circular movements of the head to the right and to the left very slowly and resting each time you reach the center.

    Exercise 5

    Combination: Lean your head towards your right shoulder with your eyes facing forward and move it forward, hold for 5 seconds and return to the starting position, now repeat the same towards the right side.


    Exercise 6

    Sitting or standing now I work your shoulders, raise the shoulders as much as possible without moving the head, hold for 5 seconds and then lower the shoulders as much as possible, hold another 5 seconds. Return to the main position, rest a few seconds and repeat if we do not feel discomfort.

    These cervical exercises can be done to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the neck, using the resistance of your hands. Therefore, when you tilt your head back your hands are placed at the back and thus you put resistance to movement, when you do it forward you put your fists under your chin to resist movement.

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