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    If you want to lose weight with little effort and without putting your health at risk, read on

    If you are like ordinary mortals, you will have three urgencies: earn more money by working less, make more love or substitutes with whoever you can and lose weight without making too much effort. Today we are going to focus on the third wish.

    To go slowly and be realistic, we offer you a plan to lose a kilo a week. You have to be aware that to lose this weight you must have a deficit of 7,000 calories, that is, you will have to eat less or differently, and move a little.

    But don't worry, reader. There are some tricks that you can apply to your day to day effortlessly. Are these:

    1) Eat protein for breakfast

    The protein is essential to keep up during the day, though almost none of us consume foods containing at breakfast.

    Eating a first meal rich in protein will regulate your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day, and avoid spikes, which will lead you to snack between meals. For your breakfast to be 'slimming', you should choose only those proteins that help you lose weight.

    Eggs, turkey, and nuts are a perfect option for the morning.

    2) Walk to the sites

    The more you move, the more calories you consume and the more you speed up your metabolism (the amount of energy you burn while resting). So, whenever you can, walk to the sites. Some useful tips: get off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way, don't take the car to get around or take long walks.

    Walking at a slow pace of 1.5 km / hour consumes about 100 calories. In fact, research found that people who walk at a light pace of 5 km / hour burn 270 calories every 60 minutes.

    3) Get some exercise

    To lose a kilo a week, you will need to do some exercise. It is best that you do cardio, that is, running, swimming, cycling, etc. When you have been doing sports for a few days, you can go to anaerobic (weights, body pump, etc.).

    If you do an elliptical bike, for example, you will burn 300 calories every 30 minutes at medium intensity. And if you decide to run happily, you will lose about 400 calories.

    4) Don't go out on the weekend

    Cheating and skipping the diet is impossible if you stay locked up at home. Therefore, during this week you should not go out on Saturday or Sunday. If you step foot in the street you will end up in a bar, and this is not the time to eat torreznos or drink alcohol.

    In addition, if you eat or dine away from home, your plan will go to waste, since you will end up consuming more calories, ruining everything that has been advanced in the week.

    So, plan for a movie and a blanket and for dinner a salad with proteins, such as chicken, tuna or egg.

    5) Drink water at work

    Not only does water have no calories, but also, by consuming it, you will be burning more calories, since it speeds up the metabolism, according to this study. In fact, numerous investigations have shown that resting energy expenditure (that is, the burning of calories) increases between 24 and 30% in the ten minutes after consuming water. The effect lasts no less than an hour.

    Drinking half a liter of water also burns 23 exact calories. In other words, if you drink this amount of water a day for a year, you will be burning 17,000 calories or, what is the same, you will lose 2 kilos of fat just with this small daily gesture.

    6) Eat and snack with your head

    Many people make the mistake of eating very healthy, and in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon they spoil everything with a regular snack.

    Do not fall into the error. Eat and dine well and healthy (vegetables, fish, white meat and no carbohydrates), and have lunch and a snack of fruit or a little turkey. You will notice the results very soon, especially if you were one of the fans of buns.

    [ Be careful with healthy snacks: don't be fooled]

    7) use small plates

    It is common sense: if the plate is fuller, it will appear that there is more food. Your brain, at least, will interpret it that way.

    This was demonstrated by a study published in the ' Journal of the Association for Consumer Research '. The researchers concluded that eating from a smaller container meant eating fewer calories.

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