Classifieds: Safe Practices

Classifieds: Safe Practices

Things to keep in mind when buying and selling on

Please keep the following in mind when using this site or any other local online classifieds:

- We strongly advise meeting the person you are buying from or selling to in person prior to exchanging funds. There are numerous scams on the internet where less than honourable people try to take advantage of both sides of the equation. In particular, as a seller if someone from out of Province (or country) offers to send you a money order, cashier's cheque or wire transfer for your item it should be an instant red flag. In particular, there are individuals overseas who will take advantage of the fact that it can take more than a week for an overseas money order to clear.  As well, if you are a seller it should be an instant red flag if someone is asking you to pay for your ad by wiring money through Western Union.

- We also strongly advise only buying from or selling to individuals from Kanpur and nearby cities on this site. As the classifieds are considered local, it should be seen as an instant red flag if someone from out of province has slipped through the cracks and is attempting to sell OR buy an item. We try our best to screen all ads to ensure localness but unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees.

- Regarding product or service quality, as is the case when buying any used items we highly recommend thoroughly verifying the quality of your purchase prior to exchanging money. assumes no responsibility for any products or services exchanged.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us.